Future Food System Framework by Bio Buddy

Food production today and into the future until 2030. In addition to SDG goals, food production Regenerative Food is a new context in food production. It is food production that restores natural cycles or brings back ecosystems that have disappeared or been affected. and used for systematic adaptation and development in the food system. (Food System) and the rational use of food innovations By creating opportunities for exponential growth. (exponential growth) in the concept of working together in synergy through Future Food System Framework by Bio Buddy Divided into 2 main categories: production and consumption. joint support Make it a driving force to make it happen quickly and realistically. Aiming to work proactively and in a supportive manner and support pioneers on 6 important pillars To develop efficiently to compete in the world’s future food industry in a timely manner (See more information at

In an era where the world’s population is increasing rapidly Efficient and sustainable food production is very important. Food businesses must respond to the needs and expectations of consumers that are diverse and constantly changing, such as safety, quality, health, convenience. and environmental friendliness of food Food businesses also face environmental challenges such as climate change. depletion of natural resources and reducing biodiversity as well.

To meet these challenges Innovation in sustainable food production and food technology is essential. It refers to improving or creating new forms of food production. distribution and consuming food that has the least impact on the environment and create the highest social and economic value By using technology and innovation in food production. to change systematically to create growth To support the needs of consumers in every dimension.

Future Food Ideation Workshop ?

Creating new things in the Thai food industry (Reimagine Food Chain) and add on by bringing in technology to help accelerate the creation of the future food network. (Future Food System) and together with “Pioneers” for a sustainable future of food. By working together on Future Food System Framework through a new type of seminar-workshop activity Future Food Ideation Workshop by TASTEBUD Lab and Future Food System Synergy workshop by BIO BUDDY Brainstorming activities, discussions, and exchanges with experts and pioneers in the field of future food. Ready to find ways to develop together Along with getting a future dining experience. To access and understand the source Taste food that is good for your heart, good for the planet, and good for your health at the same time.

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