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Food Pack Asia 2024 shall gather 40 leaders in future food industry to share their visions as well as their strategies of future food in Thailand for year 2030. You will see the direction of food trend for that year and Thailand’s chance to compete in the global level. Besides, the competition of future food industry, you shall see a lot of innovations, technologies, and future packaging trend which go along with the sustainability of world environment.

World’s population will be rising rapidly in this era; therefore, efficiency in food producing as well as sustainability of the global environment are very important for food and non food manufacturers to grasp the direction of customers’ needs which can be changeable, such as, safety, quality, health, comfortable in lives, and global friendly. Moreover, food industry shall face with the environmental changes, such as, global warming and degradation of natural resources.

food pack asia 2024

Khun Pornanong Vongniphol – Marketing Director of Food Pack Asia 2024 stated that we have held Food Pack Asia for 15 years. For this year, we will celebrate the 15th Food Pack Asia by gathering all smart technologies and innovations to meet the requirements of our clients, such as, solutions of food processing, a line of excellent packaging. Within the event, our clients will not only have knowledge and experience from 40 leaders of future food industry to share their visions as well as their strategies of future food in Thailand for year 2030, but you will also get ready for preparing your organization to reach the goal of net zero of carbon emission.

Food Pack Asia 2024 can give you the best solution for both food group and non food group. Our event is very suitable for food and beverage manufacturers, supplementary food, OEM and can be the solution for non food group as well, such as, medicine packaging, cosmetic packaging, pet food packaging, consumer packaging, packaging for electronic products. Moreover, our clients shall meet with the solutions of Warehouse and logistics management in our event. There are many activities that you can attend as follows:

  • Meatball machine, Slide machine, Grinder machine, Fruit Peeler, Freeze dry machine
  • Bakery production line, Small bun machine (Salapao machine), and Oven.
  • Packaging machinery, Coffee packaging machine, Collagen filling machine, Cosmetic filling machine, Food supplement packing machine, Strapping machine, Vertical Packaging machine, Horizontal packaging machine
  • Bottle blowing machinery, Plastic bottle blowing machine, drinking water production line
  • Packaging, Paper, box, aluminum cans
  • Continuous inkjet printer, Product label, Sticker
  • Automatic capsule filling machine, Automatic blister packing machine
  • Design cold room, Clean room, Insulation
food pack asia

Highlights and Activities 2024

  • Update food and beverage trend, Smart packaging, Sustainable packaging, overall logistics services from local and international manufacturers.
  • Attend several food processing workshops.
  • Up scale your technology to boost your bigger business.
  • Cut short your time and get more knowledge and experience by attending more than 50 seminar topics.
  • Get your organization ready to be a sustainable manufacturer.
  • Attend “Future Food Ideation Workshop” by TasteBud Lab.
  • Attend special lecture in the topic of “ Be farsighted in future food strategy for year 2030” by keynote speaker – Khun Visit Limluecha- President of Thai Future Food Trade Association
  • Attend special lecture in the topic of “ Power of Robot & AI in Manufacturing” by keynote speaker – Khun Taweesak Wannatipayaporn – Director of Thai Automation & Robotics Association.
  • Invite all business owners to attend “Meat Processing Technology in Industrial Scale” workshop by School of Food Industry, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.
  • Present 13 alternative protein types to interested visitors and you can consult with the experts from Institute of Food Research and Product Development, Kasetsart University in Food Clinic.
  • Attend special lectures about future world packaging trend and how to develop sustainable packaging in the topic of “How to increase the development of packaging level which can attract the eyes of both local market as well as international markets” by school of Food Industry, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.
food pack asia 2024
  • Invite to consult experts from school of Food Industry, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang regarding fruit and vegetable processing for adding value and extending shelf life to your fruit and vegetable.
  • Provide the services of scientific instruments for testing the product safety by school of Food Industry, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.
  • Attend “ Tempeh Superfood is great for your health and impress with Craft Beer workshop.
food pack asia

Green Technology Zone For this zone, our visitors shall see the efficiency of smart technology, environmental conservation, and saving energy for having a better life of ours and next generations, such as, Greenhouse gas management, using solar cell, and using boiler. All of these measurements can help reducing your cost and adding quality to your products.

Sustainable Manufacturing Our event pay attention to sustainable manufacturing, saving environment for our lives, businesses, and manufacturing; therefore, we gather 40 leaders in future food industry to share visions as well as their strategies of future food in Thailand for year 2030 to help all industries to step to carbon neutrality or net zero.

Seminar Activities

  • Set the goal of carbon neutrality and net zero for your Organization by khun Anothai Sangthong- Director of Communication and Carbon Credit Registry Office, Thailand. Greenhouse Gas Management Organization.
  • Carbon Credit for food industry by khun Phusadee Thanakraikiti – Director of Operations, Cannabiz Crop Co.,Ltd.
  • Smart Industry Readiness Index by Mr. Christian Beckers – Business Development Director, Mysteam Co.,Ltd.
Warehouse & Logistics Asia
WAREHOUSE & LOGISTICS ASIA 2024 In this zone, our visitors shall not only see the warehouse technology, material handling for industrial factory, innovation and solution of logistics, warehouse automation, racking & storage, but they shall also see the interesting “Forklift Demo” as well.

DIGITAL INDUSTRY ZONE Our visitors can choose many interesting digital products from leading brands here for your organization and they can meet with the Consultation Team to change your old system to a new one by using Internet of Things to control your machinery or report all working steps spontaneously (Real Time Processing). Internet of Things shall help reducing labour cost and manufacturing cost effectively.

Open Trade Market with China and India

Interested visitors can ask for consulting with the experts at Open Trade Market with China and India booths. For more information, you can follow up at www.facebook.com/FPAevent

Finally, on behalf of the organizer, we would like to invite you all to visit our Food Pack Asia 2024 which will be held during January 31st to February 3rd , 2024 at 10:00-18:00 hours at Bitec, Bangna.

Please pre-register before attending our event due to it would save your time a lot.


Food Pack Asia is a trade show for the food and beverage, packaging, transportation and conveying industries.


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